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"Tiger eye", "Shadow at the roots"

"Shadow At The Roots"

Being a blonde in the modern world is very easy! The hair color at the roots remains close to natural, and the color along the length gradually brightens, creating a soft contrast. This is the perfect solution for creating blond images! Shaded roots add expressiveness and elegance. And it's incredible that dyeing is easy to maintain.




New refined coloring for brunettes: thin caramel strands in chocolate base add brightness and make dark tones of hair more textured. This option of coloring will add sunlight to your hair!



Again back to the 70s where the bangs and uncombed curls came together! A love affair between bangs and curls this season.


The echoes of the 70s of ragged bangs, natural strands and thinning along the length guarantee a “special” image for courageous girls

" Dark Tones At The Roots"

Achieved using balayazh technique: caramel strands in combination with a dark base at the roots to add volume and texture to the hair.


Careless knot, play on the contrast between the bangs and high hairpiece. You are immediately in the spotlight and inspired by freedom. The image is very stylish!


Smooth long hair and bangs right on the eyes give the image ultra femininity and sensuality, and emphasizes your look.


Ripped smooth "bob" Above a long filleted bang, an emblem of femininity, the overall blond dominates, which gives the image of some sexuality.


Many people like this packing in a free beam for its mobility. Wavy, smooth, fixed ... It is easy to adapt to our mood and any outing.


"ACCURATE BONDS" A radical change in color! Attention is attracted by its dark roots, it is always a bit bold!


Short-cut with a bang, this hairstyle “chameleon” can be adapted to everything, even to the waves,& styling-“beach waves”.

Disheveled "SHAG"

This spring, the shag 70s haircut has returned to the top of fashion as one of the most sought-after styles of the season. Disheveled "shag" is ideal for lovers of medium-length hair or those who can not decide whether to wear long hair or make a short haircut. Don't bang your bang very short and make your hair slightly wavy, use styling to add a wild and messy texture.

"Unforced, flowing waves"

Lay your hair in the style of beach waves. Straight ends and cool beige shades are the main defining features for creating this image.

"Braided hair and bright tones"

Everyone is crazy about bright hair this season, so why not try something really unusual? To do this, the whole palette of bright and pastel nuances is at your disposal! Ask your stylist to choose a unique combination of tones to make your look unique. Bright tones will be superbly emphasized in braided hairstyles.

"Bulk angel curls"

The best way to make your image more attractive is to lay your hair in angel curls. You will not only make your image sweet and gentle, but also give expressiveness to your eyes due to the areola of voluminous curls. Use styling to create maximum volume and give a natural look to curls.

Choosing the right tone
Choosing the right tone

Whether you choose a blurry, bright or gold-diluted tone, you won’t regret it, if it is based on a pink hue. Depending on how bright the image you want to create, choose light highlighting, bold balayazh or paint strands from the root to the tip in a bright fuchsia tone. As an example to follow, you can choose Pink. Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid - all these beauties have already managed to light up in public with pink curls. Not sure which tone from the pink palette is right for you? Ask for help from your colorist. He will tell you about the dye L'Oreal Professionnel #COLORFULHAIR, with which the specialist can create a unique image in pastel colors.

"Trend for decisive persons"

Pink pastel is designed for fashionable women. Be warned, half measures are not enough! Beauty with pink curls will always be the center of attention! Choose a tone according to your skin tone and bravely present yourself to the world.

"50 shades of pink"

So many beautiful pink tones. But it’s hard to choose one?  Choose a few at once! The most attractive and brightest images appear as a result of mixing different, sometimes incongruent elements. Color the hair roots in a richer shade or, on the contrary, underline the ends with a dark tone, divide the hair into a straight parting and choose a different shade of pink for each section. Pink color calls for creativity!