The harmonious combination of luxury and talent.
For more than 50 years, women and specialists in the hairdressing business from all over the world give preference to the Kerastase brand.

Constant in their innovation and originality, the brand's ideas provides ideal solutions for each problem in every specific situation.

Our mission - Gorgeous hair.

The main goal of the Institute of Kerastase is to help women realize their exclusiveness, both in terms of relations to the body and soul, so also to the very tip of the hair. We want to give you an exceptional pleasure from the process of caring for yourself, so that these moments will forever remain in your memory as an awakened feelings.
Our regular guests listen carefully to the personal advice of their specialists, and it is these recommendations that contribute to the further development of their individuality.
For women who care about their appearance and realize that it reflects their inner world and its harmony with their surroundings - beautiful hair will always remain an essential element of style and elegance .

Incredible feelings

Kerastase - is always an innovation of technologies, advanced products and hair care programs.
The combination of brilliant technologies and unique experience in hair care, brought to life by genuine specialists of the art of hairdressing, turns the procedure of  using Kerastase products into an attractive journey into the world of beauty, both external as well as internal.
This procedure is specially designed to reveal the most attractive aspect in every woman.
This procedure presents new emotions and feelings and awakens the charm of allurement.