Personal diagnostics

The first step in visiting the salon - is in undergoing an individual diagnostic of the hair and the scalp.Professional expertise affords the Hairdresser-Consultant in Kerastase to recommend an individual hair care for each client.

Highly qualified specialists in the Institute of Kerastase will conduct this diagnostic for you absolutely free!


This is followed by a unique salon service: comprehensive care for the scalp and hair, combined with massages and a special relaxive atmosphere. Depending on your wishes, the service can last from 5 minutes (express) to an hour. The concluding stage is the recommendation of the home program for the continuation of the effects of the salon service.


The unique and individually selected procedures of Kerastase Rituals in the salon includes the following three steps towards the beauty of the hair: cleansing, care and protection.


The first stage of the program: each type of hair corresponds to a certain product, usually having a soft, melting texture with a delicate aroma. The corresponding product is applied with massaging movements that stimulates the vital functions and awaken the feelings.


This stage of the program involves the use of highly effective products with deep reactions, aimed at resolving a specific problem. Changes are noticed during application of the resource .The hair becomes filled with vital energy and  remains irresistible for a long period of time.


The third and conclusive stage of the program: the application of a leave-in product transforming each hair separately.At this stage, the hair is provided with protection with a brilliant radiance as well as preparation for blow-drying or styling.

For a continuation and maintainance of this service at home, the Kerastase brand developed products for home use,as a result of which you will be confident  that your hair is a symbol of admiration.