Beauty Image  – Beauty imagee has the widest range of cosmetics for bioepilation, paraffin therapy and body care from the world famous company CEM.S.A. The company's products have earned the love of not only beauticians, but also women who appreciate  time, money and quality.

Wax from the Trade Mark Beauty Image are produced based on the peculiarities and types of skin and suitable for even the most sensitive and prone to irritation skin.

A large range of waxes offers cosmetologists the opportunity to choose different methods of conducting bioepilation taking into consideration the demands and desires of clients. Chocolate wax enriched with cocoa butter and almonds, makes the procedure of bioepilation a great pleasure.

As for cosmetic products for skin care before and after hair removal, they contain only high quality natural ingredients and helps cosmetologists to solve any customer issues that arise after carrying out such a delicate procedure.

All products of the Trade Mark Beauty Image are of a very high quality and quite comfortable in application.