"I want a professional set for manicure the Gel Polish! "

Starting work in the Nail-Industry business, it is quite important to select manufacturers with whom you will able to please every customer. Of course, you can conduct your own trial and error method , but it is easier to start with the advice from knowledgeable and experienced specialists. In the history of our Beauty Institute Kerastase, three favorites were chosen.


E.Mi is a brand of salon manicure cosmetics chosen by professionals from 28 countries around the world. 
Among the main advantages of the brand are consistent quality, regular updating of the lacquer line and the author's view on nail decoration.

Raw materials are selected for manufacturing from trusted suppliers in the USA and Europe, which makes the brand truly global.

E.Mi has in their arsenal of beauties such Russian celebrities as singer Glukoza and actress, TV presenter Polina Maximova. Hollywood stars Doutzen Cruz and Numi Rapas, as well as the world famous Riana, also prefer it.


The American company OPI, a leader in the nail industry since 1981,is primarily known for its legendary nail polishes.More also the company is famously known for its high attention to the quality of their products. That is why, in the era of rapidly burst into the manicure tables, hybrids (varnishes, gels), the brand OPI preferred to have a closer observation at them before releasing a similar product. As it turned out, it was not in vain! In these coatings were many minuses as pluses.The main advantage is the long-term nail coating. Then taking into consideration all the disadvantages that negatively affects the health of nail,the Trade Mark brand OPI released a brand new product, GelColor.

  • The most progressive generation of gels for long-lasting coatings.
  • Resembles a lacquer, but retains on the nails with all the vitality and plasticity of a gel
  • Repeats the most popular tones of OPI
  • Each tone can be done as a glossy, fashionable and Matt effect
  • Protects and strengthens nails
  • Easily removed by soaking without damaging natural nails
  • Does not require a "TIME-OUT" for nails.

JESSICA is an advanced and modern care for both the hands and the legs.It belongs to the luxury class that provides you the opportunity to have beautiful and healthy nails, tidy cuticles, young and well-groomed skin of the hands. The JESSICA system will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients, offering an effective care and solution to varieties of problems of natural nails.

JESSICA brand has achieved a phenomenal success in the market & in the beauty industry, and foremost is its careful approach to maintaining healthy nails. Given the physiological intricacies of the different types of nails, Jessica offers every client a high integrity of  integrated solutions to all problems, encompassing already a proven path to a truly luxurious manicure.


Weekly Lacquer Vinylux is the current  revolution in the field of manicure.It is a two-faceted  innovative formula – Colored coating, which contains the basics and a unique top which makes the colour gel Polish hardens more and more every day. Coating CND VINYLUX remains in perfect condition with no chipping, cracking and detachment for a minimum of 7 days. That is why the nail-lacquer is called "WEEKLY". Solidification occurs under sunlight, you just wear the manicure and the unique formula Vinylux just performs its duty, taking care of the durability of the color coating. It is recommended to appreciate the new product from CND – nail Polish Vinylux!