In the middle of the last century, German doctor Wolfgang Kunz created the Camillen 60 product line. By that time, he had already established a center for training medical pedicure specialists. The richest knowledge in this area allowed the scientist to create a product that has become a successful combination of traditional recipes and innovative components.
First of all, he released foot balm. Chamomile was included in its composition, and after that it became the symbol of this trademark.

German quality

Its impeccable quality is due to the fact that they produce all products only in Germany. At each stage, it undergoes thorough control, which excludes any production errors.

Tremendous efficiency

Chamomile extract was included in most of the funds of Kamillien 60, due to which they acquired hypoallergenic and disinfectant properties. That is why experts recommend using it even in such difficult procedures as pedicure of diabetic foot.

At the same time she copes with edema, calluses and other problems of the legs. Camillen is made without the use of heavy components, and therefore allows the skin of the feet to "breathe."

Price variability

Its cost varies with the volume of the jar, which allows everyone to easily find a suitable product at a reasonable price and saturate their skin with all the healing substances of the famous medicinal plant.


Today the Organisation  "Gehwol" - is a recognized European leader in the manufacture of products for care of the feet, as well as the most proven and effective products in the market of pedicure services. 
"Gehwol" creates cosmetics based on natural components of plant and animal origin. 
The group has developed more than seventy product names of cosmetics each of which is the know-how of the company

Products for foot care GEHWOL is known to the world for more than 145 years. The opening of the nineteenth century, embodied in the technologies of the XXI century -that is the magic formula of success of this brand.

Each bottle of "Gehwol" -is as a result of a combination of centuries of experience, contemporary research and family traditions of the firm - the essence of the long road to recognition and success.


The Trade Mark Suda is a world famous manufacturer of equipment, tools and cosmetics for pedicure and Podiatry. The cosmetics of Suda consists of the main series- antibacterial (antifungal) and a special series of cosmetics for the care of the hands and nails. Impeccable German quality and innovative techniques SÜDA will allow you to find the right solution in all situations faced by the Podiatry and specialists in the pedicure Industry .