Today well-groomed hands is an essential part of the image of a gorgeous lady. Modern beauty salons offer a wide variety of methods to make your nails flawless. One of the most popular amongst them is apparatus manicure in Minsk. It is done by using a special machine with a variety of interchangeable nozzles. It allows removing of the cuticle,carrying out the polishing of the nail and to correcting its shape.

It is mainly the use of the machine that gives this method a number of advantages,making more and more women to opt for this method.

What makes it so good?

Security.You do not need to bother about injury, because the service is performed without the use of cutting tools. This guarantees 100% sterility of the process and eliminates the possibility of infection.

Long-lasting effect. After the procedure the skin remains soft and well-groomed for much longer than usual,so also coarse is noticeably slower.

The softness of the procedure. The device allows you to remove only dead skin particles of the epidermis without damaging its living surroundings.

The lack of delamination. Due to the fact that the procedure is performed without steaming, it does not lead to the washing out of intracellular fatty substances therby decreasing the tendency to dryness and flaking.

Perfect look. The specialist can create a perfectly symmetrical form of nail in which the edges will look perfectly smooth and neat. And the delicate technique of polishing makes it possible to align the nail plate, as a result making it look more healthy.

Experienced specialists of the Beauty Institute of Kerastase in Minsk guarantees you a good mood after visiting our salon, because the price of apparatus manicure fully corresponds with the result and will definitely meet all your expectations.

And what if combined ? (Apparatus & classical technique)

Our professionals also suggests to our clients a combinattion of both the manual and apparatus techniques. It involves the use of an apparatus combined together with the cutting technique.

It helps to remove dead skin particles,whereby the more delicate areas are treated using accustomed tools.