Beautiful and neat nails,as well as velvety soles of the feet without any form of callus and roughness, is as a result of a competent and cautious care of the feet.

Despite the fact that this can be achieved in different ways, experts recommend to go for the apparatus form of pedicure.

What makes it good?

Security. One of its main advantages is that during the procedure, the chance of contracting any infection is reduced to zero,since the specialist performs this without the feet being macerated, and cutting instruments are not made use of.

Accurate Effect. The specialist begins with the procedure after which a special spray softener is being applied.Only the problem areas are being worked on while the healthy parts remain untouched. Also, this method allows you to work on  hard-to-reach areas such as spaces between the toes.

High efficiency. After soft and tender polishing , the skin becomes ideally smooth and this lasts longer than usual.So also does rouhgness and coarseness becomes much slower. Every visit to the salon will make it possible for the skin surface to become softer, and in combination with the use of professional cosmetics at home.In general, the results will definitely exceed your expectation.

Relaxation. The sole of the feet contains  lots of nerve receptors.An effective impact on them helps to relax and relieve stress.This procedure therefore not only allows the feet to look more attractive but also allows a pleasant time well-spent.

Pedicure in the Beauty Institute of Kerastase in Minsk will provide you the opportunity of getting rid of all unwanted types of calluses, cracks, and even over-grown toe nails.

Another undisputable advantage of this procedure is the fact that it is suitable for those who have contraindications or are allergic to the classical form of pedicure.

This method can boldly be used by damsels with sugar-diabetes , high blood pressure ,disorder with blood circulation in the lower limbs, thin & dry skin on the sole of the feet,and even chronic skin disesaes.

Professionals in the Beauty Institute of Kerastase in Minsk will not only conduct the necessary procedures at the highest level, but will specially develop an individual program for home-care with the help of professional cosmetics.

The price of apparatus-pedicure will definitely correspond with the excellent result, which for a long time will delight you with its irreproachable  execution.