Long-lasting and classical coating with nail polish


Classical coating is popular because of its universalism in such that it allows you to perform different experiments with the design of the external appearance of the nail as much as you desire.No matter what kind of nail-polish you choose,any of them will definitely make your nails look astonishing..The coating can be applied easily as well as removed easily with the help of a usual acetone and will look rich.Besides, the price of nail coating will not have a significant impact on your wallet.


If you are accustomed to the fact that your hands are always positioned in the center of attention and people admire your fingers,it as advisable to choose a glossy nail-polish. It will add to your manicure sparkle and elegance.All attention will be focused on you!


Such a layer posseses a special texture that makes your nails look strict and modest, but nevertheless retain their attractiveness. This option is indispensable for both classical and business styles,and at the same time does not exclude experiments. You can always fiddle with contrasts, combining various types of assorted tones.


This method will be just perfect for you if you travel frequently and do not have the possibility of frequent care for your nails. It is worth noting that the name speaks for itself – it will last for a long period of time.

This is a complex procedure that combines both gel and nail-varnish. In itself it does not compel one to file the nail cover.Therefore absolutely you do not have to worry about the condition of the health of your nails.

Nail coating using gel polish in our salon in Minsk are performed by real experts in their area of specialisation.They carry out a few simple but important operations on application and drying.In spite of diverse opinions,to properly perform this procedure from the beginning to the end is not quite easy. Despite popular opinion, to efficiently carry out the process from beginning to end is not quite easy. It requires a great amount of professionalism. But you have nothing to worry about – our specialists will definitely perform to the maximum level !