Men's manicure and pedicure

There exists a huge difference between the procedures in male and female manicure. For women it is a way to please themselves and once again feel confident about their beauty. While for men, it is an attribute of high status. And in addition, it is seen as an opportunity to make the nails and skin of the legs look healthy.

The Beauty Institute of Kerastase in Minsk –  this is the place where you can relax and obtain the services of professional specialists. We will perform quality men's manicure for you, giving your nails a neat shape and well-tended appearance. Typically, we  perform men's manicure using the apparatus method or by using the European-tecnique (a method whereby the cuticles are being removed by a well-refined stick derived from the orange tree after preliminary lubrication with a special cream)


Male pedicure includes a set of methods and cosmetics meant for the wellness and creation of a well-groomed appearance of the nails and skin of the feet. A set of measures aimed at foot care will eliminate the deformity of the nails, the appearance of micro-cracks and fungal diseases.

We have qualified professionals working in our salon and all the procedures are performed using professional cosmetics made from natural components.Our specialists will not only offer you a diversed range of services,but will also help you in choosing the most suitable procedure that will bring out the most effective result. Apart from classical men's pedicure,in our salon it is possible to treat outworn nails,care for the sole of the feet, care for the condiition of the toe-fingers , spaces between the toe-fingers,the removal of  calluses, corns and excessive stratum corneum. During the procedure, you will be sitted in a comfortable chair in a private cabinet, while experiencing a pleasant sensation and relaxation.

Additional services

In most cases, gender of the stronger sex do possess a rougher skin compared to their female counterpart therefore the probability of  the appearance of cracks in the skin is much higher. In resolving this problem we recommend urdergoing a session of Paraffinotherapy.A procees whereby your feet or  hands are being immersed in a liquid cosmetic-paraffin for about 15-20 minutes which softens the top layers of the epidermis and this speeds up the restoration process.