Paraffinotherapy belongs to the category of one of the safest and pleasant SPA treatments. It is easy and convenient,it can be applied to the face, body, hands and also the feet.

The procedure itself consists of applying to the skin an application of melted white paraffin wax. However, you will not get burnt because when performing paraffin application,the skin area becomes warmer by up to 1 to1.5 degrees. As a result of this warming, the pores open up and the horny layer of the epidermis becomes soft.

Paraffin tends to form a layer of film, so the moisture formed by the action of the application does not evaporate from the surface of the epidermis, instead it is absorbed back, thus moistening it.

In addition to moisturizing, the warm applications launches the inflow of blood flow to the skin, which is conducive to the acceleration of healing wounds, damage, and also stimulates the relief of symptomatic manifestations of diseases of the joints.

Together with the influx of blood to the skin as a result of this this SPA-procedure , the influx of lymph is also experienced which helps in cleansing the skin from toxins.

Paraffinotheraphy procedure in the salon

The procedure of paraffinotherapy in Kerastase Institute of Beauty in Minsk is exclusively performed by specialists in this field.Qualified specialists with great work-experience.Paraffiinotheraphy not only helps to refreshen your face,legs,hands,and soles of the feet but also helps in reducing the painful symptoms experienced during musculoskeletal (joint disease), accelerates the healing of bruises and hematomas and contributes to the removal of toxins.

After completion of this procedure,you will be delighted with the smoothness,tenderness and soothness of your hands and legs.Minor cuts and wounds will heal much faster, and peeling eliminated.Based on your desire, essential oils,various ointments and salts can be added to paraffin.Due to of this technique, these components penetrate deep into the pores and help to achieve the best results.

This procedure is recommended to conduct about once a month, in order to feel a noticeable and positive result.