Gray-hair camouflage

Not only women want to look young and attractive. And gray strands –this is exactly what can treacherously reveal your age. This problem can be eliminated by undergoing the procedure of "Gray-hair Camouflage" for men.

What is Camouflage all about?

This modern technology of pigmentation provides the opportunity to conceal gray-hair for weeks and to achieve the most natural result. The procedure is performed with the camouflage-gel, which does not contain ammonia.This is why after this procedure it will be impossible to notice the contrast between the dyed and natural hair.
 The camouflage procedure can be easily combined with a haircut, thereby saving you time of visiting the hairdressers on a separate day.

What are the benefits of this procedure?
• The absence of contrast. You will be able to get rid of the visible difference between natural color and gray strands. 
• Naturalness. Due to the tender components and the soft effect of the gel, neighbors and acquaintances will not notice that you underwent pigmentation. 
• Quick result. The pigmentation process lasts for only five minutes, therefore it will not take much of your time.

How is Camouflage performed?
The specialist selects the gel individually & specifically for the natural colour of your hair. It is applied on a clean hair and rinsed off in five minutes. 
The product contains a lipid a molecule, which improves the structure of hair fibres thereby  looking healthy and well groomed. 

The result of camouflage lasts for several weeks, and washes off gradually, without leaving the effect of regrown roots.