Scalp care services

The scalp needs to be pampered just exactly as the facial skin, on which we often use cleansing mask. For a healthy scalp , it is sufficient enough to do exfoliation on a monthly basis., and simultaneously carry out a massage of the head. However, this should not be disregarded and done on a  continuous basis: massage increases on spot blood circulation, which contributes to the nutrition of the follicles. In addition, exfoliation of the scalp is often part of a salon's procedures for hair-care. At times it is necessary to combine a hair-cut and coloring with additional care for the scalp.

In addition to cleansing and exfoliation procedures, our specialists have in stock highly effective Kerastase hair products to fix hair problems such as:

  • Sensitive scalp
  • Hair loss
  • Excessive dryness or oily skin
  • Dandruff and itching

Just like the scalp,the hair also needs constant care.Kerastase  Institute of Beauty is a like Mecca for those who possess luxury hair and those who value  the most advanced technologies in hair care. For the specialists in the salon, it is not a  problem to eliminate any form of pretense or dissatisfaction  you have concerning your hair.Be it dryness,breakage,thinning or the lack  of volumity- there will always be a suitable solution to the problem.Wide-range of Kerastase products and Kerastase professional procedures for the hair provides : nutrition , durability , elasticity and even a complete revitalization of their substance for a long period of time. 

You can get a more detailed information and personal consultation on resolving problems related to the scalp and hair by booking a free consultation with one of our specialists.