Different types of hair coloring and bonding

At one time or the other, every girl have at least, a couple of times changed her natural hair color. One choose bright tones in order to renew or update her image, while the other want to emphasize naturalness.

There are a number of basic toning products:

• Resistant dyes;

• Semi-permanent dyes;

• Toning products.

A dye should  be chosen based on what goal and the result you are striving to achieve. Regardless of whether you are dyeing your hair because of the appearance of gray hair or just to renew your image, you should choose dyes that will satisfy not only in durability,but also will not harm natural beauty.

Coloring cannot be carried out successfully without possessing any certain knowledge, skills and abilities by the person performing it. Often the negligence or lack of knowledge of the specialist leaves damages to the structure of the strands and even to their loss. Therefore, this should be approached very responsibly. An experienced hairdresser can cope with any kind of complex hair-coloring. Choosing the right color that will suit especially you, and that will be in harmony with your appearance is a very difficult task. That is why professional image-makers and hairdressers choose a tone based on such factors as the skin tone,color of the eyes and even taking into consideration business and casual style of clothing.

Complex Hair Coloring in Minsk 

All Specialists of the Kerastase Beauty Institute are highly qualified specialists who have been trained at Educational Centres like " LE’ ACADEMY" Paris, Moscow and Kiev. In order to understand what color is right for you, you can book an appointment for a free consultation in order to consult about hair dyeing with any of our specialists in Minsk!

Despite the popularity of various methods of hair toning, many women are afraid to expose their hair to the effects of dyes, because they believe that this will damage and weaken the hair, that they will lose their natural elasticity and radiance. But such reasonings are no longer relevant, since there is a new type of coloring known as bonding,  which means "connection." It is especially popular among those who care about natural beauty, as this procedure combines the process of coloring and care of the strands. Constant experiments with the hair weakens hair follicles.So those who like to experiment with their appearance will like the L'Oreal Professionnel SMART BOND bonding service, which aims to deeply restore the connection of broken bisulphite bonds inside the hair.

Stages of the procedure:

• SMART BOND concentrate, containing maleic acid, is mixed with the coloring mixture,connecting  with curls and enhances structural bonds, therefore preventing the hair from negative effects from external factors, staining or decolorizing agents.  

• After that, apply shampoo containing ceramides. It absorbs accumulated dirt and harmful substances (metal salts), and also makes them smooth and silky.

• Applying the SMART BOND conditioner after washing the hair, which is necessary to prolong and maintain the result of the procedure, protectng the strands from the negative influence of external factors. The product is also appropriate for home use.