Styling the hair with a hair dryer, tongs and iron steam-pod stylers

The atttractiveness of a female outward appearance depends on a various of factors.However it is difficult to argue with the fact that a decent hairstyle is one of the major components of genuine damsels.

Of course, the magic of the beauty of your hair, regardless of the color and length, depends on their healthiness and appropriate care. But in the modern world this is inadequate, because almost every haircut requires styling.

Long lasting hairstylig

Hair styling in Minsk from the specialists of the Beauty Institute - Kerastase will help you to realize all your wildest fantasies in life, since only hair-stylists can make realistic stylings of any complexity.

Styling with a Hair dryer

Styling with a hair dryer is the most common and the most demanding form of styling in any hair salon. It is not a strange thing that it can be applied to any form of the woman hair and it fits every woman.In the salons, this styling is in great demand. And it is not surprising, because it is suitable almost for all. Professionals can  straighten difficult curls, turn straight strands into rolled curls, polish fluffy hair to a glossy position and create a spectacular volume using the brushing.- method.

Stylimg with a curling iron

A rich collection of a hairdresser's equipments provides the opportunity of creating varieties of styling for any occasion. Ranging from Hollywood curls and Angelic curls to beach waves and the corrugation type.

Straightening with a flat thermo-iron

The combination duet of high-quality stylng iron and professional products of Kerastase allows possessors of perverse curly and fluffy hair to enjoy their perfect smoothness. You can obtain perfectly straight hair without any form of damage to them, since professional products and the caring hands of stylists-hairdressers will take care of their protection.