Hair toning

If you decide to change your image, but not yet ready for drastic changes, then you can use the toning method. This is a modern form technology of coloring whereby mild and non-resistant components are being used.They do not penetrate inside the hair shaft, but are only fixed on its surface.

Five reasons to choose hair toning in Kerastase-Institute, Minsk:

  • Soft effect. This method allows you to make natural color four tones darker or a tone lighter. The dye is easily washed off, so if you do not like the result, you can quickly get rid of it.
  • Getting rid of gray hair. Despite the non-durable components of the dye, it helps to hide the first gray hair.
  • Health. Since the product does not contain ammonia, your hair will remain healthy.
  • Care. The procedure gives the hair complete care, as a result of which the hair attains an attractive radiance. 
  • Absence of regrown roots. Since the dye comes off gradually, the border between the colored and natural strands will be almost unnoticable.

This procedure, when performed in several tones on dark curls, allows you to give them extra volume and saturation. If you eventually choose light colors, you will achieve the effect of burnt curls, which is now extremely popular.

Also, this method is used as a finishing touch after highlighting, balayazh, shatush and other coloring techniques. Due to this, clarified strands acquire the desired color or a natural tone.

You can find out the price of hair-toning by contacting our specialists at the Kerastase Institute of Beauty in Minsk..