Scalp Care and Hair Restoration Services

A beautiful hair is what helps a woman to feel irresistible. However, under the influence of external factors, the hair may lose its strength, become brittle and dry, and even begin to fall out. To prevent all these troubles, you should pay special attention to the health of the scalp, since the attractiveness of your hair depends on a healthy scalp.

How is it connected?

The fact is that the hair consists of a stem that is situated outwardsly and follicles located inside the skin covering. The follicle can be compared with the root of the tree, because it feeds the visible part, and gives it the opportunity to grow and recover.

The follicle supplies the stem all the necessary components: proteins, fats, vitamins and macronutrients.This can only be achieved whereby there is a  sufficient level of blood supply. Just as a tree needs good soil so also does a beautiful hair needs a healthy scalp.

How do one determine if all is well with the scalp?

If you are not bothered with dandruff, itching, excessive oiliness and other discomfort, then you should breathe a great sigh of relief.But if your are faced with at least one of these problems, you need to consult a specialist at the Beauty Institute of Kerastase in Minsk.

Full diagnostics from our specialists will allow you to choose the most suitable care. Also, if necessary, here you can use professional services that will solve all the problems with your hair.

How do one take care of  this?

For these purposes, ideally recommended is a special exfoliating combined with massage. This procedure is optimally carried out on a monthly basis.

A professional approach will make it not only useful but also incredibly pleasant.Especially this can  be easily combined with a haircut and coloring in the salon.

What problems will  professionals help to resolve?

In the line of professional products exists not only exfoliation products, but many other truly magical elixirs, capable of solving a host of other problems.

Highly effective products of Kerastase are capable of:

• Providing proper care for sensitive skin
• Halting the loss of hair
• Balancing excessive dryness or oiliness
• Getting Rid of dandruff

Restoration of the hair structure

Hair restoration with the help of professionals in the Kerastase Institute of Beauty in Minsk is not just another hair-care  treatment but a real and genuine procedure of transformation of your femininity.

The abundance of high-quality products and services will help get rid you of any hair- problem.As a result you attain a steadfast confidence in your attractiveness. 

The price of hair restoration will fully correspond with the result ,and without any doubt will meet all your expectations. To learn more about this you can book an appointment for a free consultation with one of our experts.