Depilation of all parts of the body

Today there are many ways and means that allow you to get rid of unwanted growths.Nevertheless, wax-depilation has assumed the leading role in this long list.This is as a results of the various advantages that come along with its use.

What is so special about wax-depilation?

Long-lasting results: This method in comparison to other similar methods displays a maximum and lasting effect.The effects will satisfy you for at least a period of one month.It is quite pleasant if you are planning to go on a vacation.During the whole period of your vacation,you can as well forget  about  the boring and monotonous form of shaving. 
Change in the hair structure:After wax-depilation,the hair  becomes thinner and brighter, and will grow apparently slower.Their appearance will not be accompanied with any form of itching.

Smoothness:This method helps to peel off the top layer of dead cells.As a result of this, your skin becomes smooth,tender and soft. You can completely forget about the dryness which comes along with the removal of hair using razors.
Speed:Due to the fact that the specialist applies the wax to a vast area of the body instantly, makes this process much faster compared to sugaring..In such a way, less pain and discomfort is experienced.
Versatility:Wax depilation can be performed on the legs, armpits and even on the face.It is particularly suitable for getting rid of hair on sensitive areas of the body such as the bikini parts where irritation normally occurs after undergoing the usual form of shaving using razors.Undergoing such technique of depilation is quick and the effect and satisfaction will last for several weeks.

How is Wax-depilation done in Minsk?

In order to achieve a good result and to choose the most suitable epilating and skincare cosmetics, the specialists here in the Beauty Institute -Kerastase will initially perform a special test. 
After this, the specialist will cleanse the selected spot with a special lotion that allows the mixture to adhere better to hairs and therefore make the process more efficient. Then a fabric strip with a wax composition is applied, and when it becomes hardened a bit, it is removed abruptly.A special cream is applied to calm the skin, and afterwards a relaxing massage is done to complete the process. 
The procedure does not require any special preparation, but it is prohibited to use a razor on the skin, visit the sauna and Solarium before proceeding on this procedure. It is also worth remembering that the surface of the body must be healthy without any form of irritation before the procedure.