Coloring of eyelashes

Coloring of eyelashes.This is a procedure that enables your looks appear deep and expressive for a couple of weeks; allowing you to forget about the application of "mascara" 

Your eyelashes will look fantastic at any time and under any circumstances: you won't need to bother about refreshing your make-up.Neither after swimming in the pool nor early morning applications.

Why is it necessary to consult a specialist?

Since the skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive, the dye needs to be applied very cautiously. Despite being non-resistant  in composition nevertheless it possesses offensive components which if not properly applied or handled effectively can cause allergy and even chemical burns..Therefore, the transformation of your eyelashes should be best left to professionals.

Coloring eyelashes in The Institute of Kerastase in Minsk requires only 15 minutes, which affords you the opportunity of combining this procedure with other services of the Beauty Institute Kerastase,Minsk.