Ever since the days of The Ancient Egypt ,women were quite aware of the fact that sugar caramel helps to get rid of unwanted hair-growth.To the present day, SPA-sugaring has remained the most effective and popular form of depilation,as it leaves the skin smooth without hurting neither irritating it.

What does it look like? 

• Sugar Waxing – this method is quite similar to wax-depilation, with the only difference that a semi-liquid mixture is being used here.Just like the the wax,it  is applied on the body,and tissues are used in covering the surface , after which it is abruptly removed from the skin.

• Sugaring – Here a substance as thick as caramel is used. It is spread in movements against the hair growth and is removed in an opposite movement  to the direction of hair growth.In such a way one can avoid their breakage and the sprouting of the hair fibres.After the process is completed, a special nourishing cream with menthol  is applied on the skin to soothen it 

Sugar is capable of removing the dead parts of the epidermis leaving the alive cells unharmed.This makes this procedure comfortable and reduces painful feelings to the minimum.Moreover the paste can be applied several times without the fear of irritation , injury or other unpleasant reactions.

Five reasons to choose sugaring

• Does not cause allergies. You do not need to bother about allergic reactions since the mixture used in sugaring is made from natural components.

• Does not cause irritation. Due to the special composition of the paste, sugaring is suitable even for a very sensitive skin;

• The least painful. Due to the fact that during sugaring a small portion of the body is being processed at a time,the procedure causes less pain compared to other methods of the removal  of unwanted hair.

• Does not cause burns. The paste is only heated to the body temperature before application on the body,therefore there is no cause for fear of getting burnt.

• Does not require special materials. In order to remove residual paste,no other thing is needed except ordinary water.

In addition, sugaring is a hygienic form of hair removal, because sugar helps in destroying bacterias thus minimizes the chances of infection.Choosing this method of hair removal, makes you achieve the desired result without any form of risk to your health.